About Me

Who am I?

Easy Answer: Shawndra

Answer You’re Probably Looking For: I live on a farm near Snohomish, Wa with my family (husband, 3 boys, parents) and animals (dogs, cats and chickens. And sometimes turkeys, pigs, ducks and geese).

Our chickens and turkeys are pasture-raised to be healthy and super-delicious. Someday, the farm will bring in enough money that Paul and I can quit our “real” jobs and be full-time farmers.

What is this Blog About?

Easy Answer: Food, Family and Farm

Answer You’re Probably Looking For: As one of the oldest kids in a family of 12, I grew up cooking and helping out in the kitchen.

But it wasn’t until I was married and raising my family that I realized that cooking was much more enjoyable when I start from scratch and adjust to suit our own tastes.

I am now a total advocate for home cooking and family meals. I started this blog as a way to share my love of food , family and farm … life in general.

I Must Try Some of Your Chicken! How Do I Get Some?

Easy Answer: www.PasturedSensations.com

Answer You’re Probably Looking For: www.PasturedSensations.com