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July 13th, 2015

Software Security 1

Software Security

With the introduction of exploit kits in the market, many more hackers are available in the world than there were a few years ago as mentioned by Online Gaming Expert . In this regard it comes as no surprise that even common people can be hacked. With this in mind you should look into enhancing security for your laptop and desktop, to ensure that your software is protected. So what can one do?

1. Use personalized WIFI

One simple way to ensure there is software security in your computer is by privatizing WIFI. This is for the simple reason that if it is an open WIFI; anyone can infiltrate it from outside. By using encryption passwords you will not only make it harder for them, but the chances of them having to do damage is significantly reduced.

2. Do not send personal information

When it comes to software security the catch that many hackers use is to make you send your personal information to them. With this in place they will be able to go know everything about you by going into your personal detailed life. This way stealing your software by illegal downloads. In this case be wise and do not just respond to any email that pops up in your inbox, ensure you investigate first.

3. Keep your program up to date

The reality on the ground is that to ensure software security going the extra mile is inevitable. With even the most legitimate of sites being infiltrated by hackers, covering their tracks using invisible codes, your computer may just as well download a hacker’s software’s. In this regard by keeping everything up to date whether it is Microsoft, adobe flash or any other software you use, you will be able to weed out the malicious codes before they get a chance to install themselves. Doing this you are assured of having your software protected from illegal downloads.

4. Install antiviruses

There is a reason that antivirus programs exist in the market and the simple answer is that they work. With the most notable way hackers can download software’s still being by use alerts of viruses, using an antivirus is sure to ensure that the viruses are weeded out. This way whether it is by use emails or a website you have entered, the alert will be working. However to ensure that there is really no chance of even the cleverest of hackers illegally downloading your software, schedule regular scans of your computer to check for viruses. It is good to note that even though there are some free antivirus programs on the internet, the safest are the once that are purchased and known to work, this way proofing fully your computer.

5. Use different passwords

Most people normally place in the same passwords for everything to make it simple to remember. However this is usually a celebration to any hacker that wishes to download your software illegally. By using different passwords even with the hackers sending in viruses to record your passwords and sending it back to them, they will not be able to accomplish much as you are secure.


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